VRapeutic Instilling essential life skills through immersive virtual experiences

Millions of children around the world suffer from learning disabilities, and when a child suffers, a family suffers. Those children usually follow up at least twice a week with therapy centers who adopt traditional approaches for training and intervention. It takes tens of years of therapy, and hundreds of thousands of dollars through a lifetime for those children to overcome their struggles.
Recently, research affirms that in only 4 months, there was a 35% increase in social and cognitive awareness to autistic children who participated in VR-based training on social cognition. This is a new hope for special education, and to bring it to life, we created VRapeutic.
We develop VR software in the form of virtual environments specially tailored to instil social, cognitive, and motor skills in children. Currently we are piloting with 6 clinics in 2 countries. We are a team dedicated to adapt technology, art and science to impact lives for a better future.

StageGrowth stage EST March 2019
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