Couss & Co edition Publishing books and magazine of comics for children in Tunisia

The publishing house ‘Couss & Co’ is specialized in the publication of comic book in Tunisia. It aims to promote the art of comics and above all tries to passionate children for the 9th art by arousing their curiosity through original and inventive content that reflects the Tunisian identity. Our mission is to educate children about tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity from an early age . The project is to create a magazine of comics for children between 7 and 12 years old entitled ‘The door of the sea’ . This magazine will be sold at a price of 2.5 dinars in state schools in Tunisia and it will be in arabic literary. Our project of a magazine of comics for children ‘The door to the sea’ is very important to fascinate children towards reading in a world of technology and quick access to news and promote comics as a didactic and fun medium. 

StageGrowth stage EST January 2019
SectorsEducational products
LocationMarsa , Tunisia
Customer modelB2C
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