Promoting social enterprises’ growth and scale-up in the Mediterranean region


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Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, State of, Tunisia
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MedUP! aims to increasing economic inclusiveness and employment in Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine.

The project’s overall objective is to promote an enabling environment in the Southern Mediterranean partner countries for the development of the social entrepreneurship sector as a driver for inclusive growth and job creation.

Its specific objective is to increase economic inclusiveness and employment in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine where adequate policies on social entrepreneurship are in place, public-private dialogue and exchanges of practices are promoted and high-quality business development services are available and provided for social enterprises.

MedUp! has a total budget of €5.46 million, and promotes actions along three levels of intervention: 

At Macro Level: The Action will promote policy and advocacy initiatives and public-private dialogue to improve regulatory and institutional environments at country and cross-country levels. 

At Meso level: Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (SESOs) will be supported, through capacity building programs and networking, with the final aim of improving the quality, innovativeness and outreach of their services targeting local SEs and building strategic alliances with other SESOs in the MENA region and in Europe. 

At Micro level: Selected Social Enterprises will be supported through financial and technical support and examples of successful social enterprises will be disseminated at national, regional and EU level.

More specifically, in 2019, Oxfam and its partners launched a call for applications in each country and assigned 1 million Euros of grant funding to 64 promising existing social enterprises ready to grow and scale-up. Please visit the country specific pages for more information.

The project started in March 2018 and it is expected to end in February 2022. 






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